We must regain control over the negative images and beliefs that many of our children may assimilate. At JLP, we purpose to create effective programs and entertainment. To help instill in our youth positive reinforcement. Through the arts and civic engagement, positive mental images of self-worth, self-esteem and character building-principles are enhanced. 


Our staff comprises of arts and educational professionals and volunteers who are dedicated to bringing out the best in our community. Parents and JLP alumni are all invested in the productive outcome of each child, each semester. Our studios at Bronxnet house the latest state of the art equipment to give our students the best and most qualified tools in media training.  


"I can't think of anyone better to work within media and production than LaVerne Bowen. She is a stellar communicator with both young people and adults. A truly effervescent and vibrant personality that brings out the best in everyone she works with"                                    

 - Professor of Communications, Holly Hepp-Galvan, Fordham University, Manhattan College

"LaVerne, you really have been a blessing to me and my family. You have brought out talents in my children that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. But, on top of that, you helped to reconnect me with the rest of the world again!!  I love you and so does my family!!!!!! Thank you JLP!!!"                                                                                                            - Tynaisha Zambrana (mother of five), The Zambrana family, South Bronx NY

"Ms. Bowen is uniquely gifted with the ability to motivate children. I have seen her single-handedly draw out their latent talents in spite of their initial uncooperative attitudes. Ms. has been able to spark their attention and generate levels of expression that has surprised every parent"             - Minister Deborah Jones, Director Zoe Ministries Worshipping Arts Dept.