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At the very beginning of the political progressive movement, JLP president LaVerne Bowen interviews one of its organizers. Laura Barmack of the Bronx Progressives gives us an overview of this emerging political party.

JLP interviews local urban youth book publisher, Genevieve Davis on the importance of the friends surrounding our youth

JLP has covered many events for the community, here are video clips of a few. Engagement with youth and cultural organizations in our community with fun and diverse activities. 

Cameos include: NAPFE National Alliance of Postal and Federal Employees, Riverdale Rising Stars, Authors, CEO of National Black Theatre.

JLP president LaVerne Bowen interviews Nubia Martin, a community doula and her medical cohorts about the disparities and alternatives of childbirth. 

JLP president LaVerne Bowen interviews Marine Corp veteran and founder of the NABA, on bringing out our natural creative talents at any age and empowering our youth of today.